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  • mujer zurda

    12 Things to left-handed women


    1. You have to sit alone at school and college because in your class the only left-handed desk behind a corner.2. If you dine at a table full of people, you will crash with the person ...
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  • TEST


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    Why wallets and purses for lefties? Why coins, cards and documents handled it left, right that the subject and why I'm tired of that every time I open my falling currencies ... The ...
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  • 7 years old


    Such a day like today, we opened l'altra ma .... Seven years after left-handed universe, we continue in the gap. Working with the same illusion that PROMER day. Looking back, fear the ...
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  • The University of Wisconsin


    The University of Wisconsin Extension suggests you to stand in front of your child when you explain how to do certain tasks, for example, zip your jacket or tie shoes. He can see and copy ...
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  • Easy, very easy.


    Important dates, family, friends, coworkers are coming ... Sure you have a left-handed person close to you have to do some detail by Christmas. Thinking simplify the task of searching, we ...
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  • Win


    Winter arrives, and with it the eternal desktops with card games ... Usually we are always the last to get the cards. Why is that? Absurd as it may seem, the cards are designed for ...
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  • Finally designers think in all


    Finally, think of all the designers, a sample is the Can-Do, Designed by Mark Sanders, is probably the most compact opener you can get to find. To use only have to place over the top of any ...
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  • top 11


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  • When do you know if a child is left-handed?


    Lefty is a person who has the natural tendency to use the left side of his body, that is, using default arm and left leg as right-handers do with leg and right arm. When children are very ...
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