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    According to several studies, the fact of being in the minority leads some to have a more global view of things. The more than five hundred million lefties out there in the world see the new ...
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  • NOTES N º 2


    LIST OF TERMS AND DEFINITIONS RELATING TO THE UNIVERSE LEFTY BODY OUTLINE " The immediate and continuing knowledge we have of our body in static or motion in relation to its various parts , ...
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  • LEARN TO knotted CORDS


    Normally the knots are made with both hands , so that the differences between main hand used as left or right marks the orientation of the knot.Routinely knots books present Figures from the ...
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  • Further studies on the genetics lefty


    Scientists from the universities of Oxford , St. Andrews , Bristol and the Max Plank Institute of Nijmegen in the Netherlands , have found correlations between being ambidextrous and a ...
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  • The rules for lefties


    The rules for lefties have the scale from right to left, which is the natural direction of his left hand to make a stroke. We earn our rules lefties: Visibility during the stroke. ...
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  • Sharpener for lefties


    The hands perform wrist movements outward, representing the difference between his left hand and the right hand.The natural movement of the left hand is, from right to left. While the ...
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  • 8 Tips for Back to School


    In a few days the new school year begins, your children will return to the routine after three months of summer.For the return to school to develop effectively, it is interesting to plan ...
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    Lefties have our day.Every August 13 we celebrate the International Day Lefty,The World Day of Lefty takes place every year since 1976, and seeks to highlight the uniqueness and difference ...
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  • Article published in the journal By Quo


    Article published in the journal By Quo:Writing QuoMonday August 13, 2012Are they ready? Are they gay? Do they live less? Here we made clear.August 13 is the International Day of Lefty, ...
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  • When the writing is so comfortable to type becomes a pleasure ...


    EXPANDING OPTIONS When the writing is so comfortable to type becomes a pleasure ... We all know our commitment to find pens that make us lefties to life more easy. The Jets Stream Pen. ...
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