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How to Teach Lefty Children to Write


How to Teach Lefty Children to Write
Written by shelley frost | Translated by yarzeth ayala

Correct positioning and holding the pencil can help prevent left-handed children from folding their wrists when writing.
According to the American Psychological Association, only about 10 percent of the population is left handed because of a gene that these people have in common. If you are a right-handed parent and have a left-handed son it can be difficult to teach him the basic writing because his left hand hides what he is writing and can make it difficult to continue. Often, when left-handed children write, their work is stained, they write slowly or have difficulty forming the letters. That is why teaching your child to write properly with his left hand at an early age can prevent frustration and poor writing habits.
1. Use left-handed writing articles to make the child feel more comfortable with the activity. There are pencils, pens and left-handed notebooks available for sale, these are slightly modified for easy writing. For example, a left-handed notebook has the spiral on the opposite side so it does not interfere with your child's hand at the time of writing. Another alternative is to use single sheets instead of a notebook, so you will not have problems with the spirals at all.
2. Show him how to hold the pencil so that the pencil rests between his thumb and forefinger of his left hand using the middle finger for support. Practice in advance so you can hold the pencil with your left hand so you can teach it, so your little one can see your hand clearly instead of trying to see your hand in the mirror when you hold it with your right hand.
3. Place the paper at the opposite angle from the one you use normally, it should be close to the left hand, the upper right corner of the sheet is closer to your child's body than the left corner. This method will make your child write with his more relaxed wrist instead of doubling it more so he can see what he writes.
4. Mark the left side of the sheet so your child knows where to start writing. According to M.K. Holder of the Handedness Research Institute, left-handed people often use the mirror-writing method when writing from right to left with letters in opposite positions. The mark visible on the sheet will remind the child where to start writing and where to go.
5. With a striking color marker draws a line to write so that the child can be guided. Teach him to keep his hand under the line so he does not bend his wrist or place his hand on the line.