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The most surprising data on left-handed people


From prehistory to the present, the percentage of left-handed people in humanity has remained stable in 10% of the world's population. Although in modern societies there are almost no differences in the deal between left-handers and right-handers, until long ago a heavy stigmatization fell on those who possessed more skill in their left limbs. This list presents some little-known curiosities about left-handed people.


-Ser zurdo has effects on health: a study of 1,400,000 people indicated that left-handed people suffer less ulcers and arthritis. Some theories add that they could better preserve memory by aging. In return, data confirmed but still unexplained by science: about 20% of schizophrenics are left-handed.


- More silly or smarter ?: A Peabody College study shows that there is a high percentage of left-handed people among mothers and mothers in mathematics and language; It is believed that it is because of the skill developed in the need to adapt to a world of skill.


-Ser zurdo influences tastes: a study by the University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) concludes that left-handers like alternative music more, since they are more flexible and are better prepared to update their preferences.


- They are angry and fearful: the areas of the cerebral cortex that process the negative emotions present more activity in the left-handed people, especially those of the anger and the hostility. A study by Queen Margaret University demonstrated that left-handed people suffer more from fear, and a study by the University of Abertay adds that they are shy.


- They are fighters: they are better fighters and they win in the confrontations since, because of their rarity, the skilfuls have less opportunities to train against left-handed, which could mean an evolutionary advantage in violent societies.


- They like to drink: researcher Kevin Denny discovered that the lefties drink more, although they do not have to develop this disorder more than the right-handers.


-Kangaroos are left-handed: scientists from the University of St. Petersburg have shown that kangaroos also exhibit cerebral laterality, but are mostly left-handed.


- Famous Zurdos: Aristotle, Newton, Darwin, Marie Curie, Einstein, Bill Gates, Alexander the Great, Juana de Arco, Ghandi, Churchill, Hitler, Simón Bolívar and Napoleon, Da Vinci, Miguel Angel, Picasso, Chaplin, Mozart, Beethoven, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Maradona, Messi.