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Far from being sinister, as they were considered in ancient times, the left-handed people, who on August 13 celebrate their International Day, with their global vision and their ability to adapt to a world of law have certain advantages because of the use of the other side

"In some countries it is" cool "to be left-lying, they are even looked at with admiration and respect. It is believed that they are smarter, when in fact it is only because they are better prepared," said the director of the Chilean organization, Zurdos, Nibaldo Salvatierra.

Among the most prominent left-handers are some of the most celebrated minds in history, such as those of Napoleon, Julio César, Gandhi, Alejandro Magno, Churchill, Carlomagno or Simón Bolívar or, more recently, Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama.

According to a survey conducted by Left-handers Club, 58% of the left-wingers claimed to be more intelligent than normal and 48% more creative than the rest.

"Since childhood the left-handed child must try to adapt to an environment that is uncomfortable and creatively seek to adapt" to a world thought with the right, said Salvatierra.

The editor of the online magazine "Papers of Neuropsychology, Roberto Polanco, explained to Efe that the left-handed people control the right hemisphere of the brain (responsible for the left-hand side) that allows them to see the" whole "before and then focus on the Details, while in the right hand side occurs the reverse.

"It's like saying that in the lefties the wiring is the other way around," said Polanco.

Therefore, the zurda vision is more creative because, for example, when painting a picture, a left-handed person will have a global vision of what he wants to capture on the canvas and then begin to trace the components to create it.

Artists such as Miguel Ángel, Rafael and Leonardo Da Vinci, composers such as Bach or Beethoven and musicians such as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix created world-famous works of art with the dexterity of a prodigious left.

Not to mention entrepreneurs like Rockefeller, Henry Ford or Bill Gates, or in the movie world, Chaplin, Robert de Niro, Greta Garbo, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt ... and even Bart Simpson and its creator, Matt Groening.

In some sports left-handed players play with the advantage of being able to surprise their opponents with a left-wing blow, as in boxing, as right-wing boxers are not accustomed to fighting against the left-wing minority.

"Left-handed boxers are feared for their abnormal position against a right-handed boxer," says a member of the international boxing research organization Monte Cox in an article published by the online "Fight Beat.com" magazine.

In soccer, Maradona, Hugo Sánchez and Messi have been left-footed, and in tennis the advantage of using a setback in reverse can be an essential ingredient for victory, as demonstrated by skilful tennis player Rafael Nadal, who uses his left hand only to play tennis

Even so, the constant struggle to stay left before a rightful life is an added effort that remains concentrated in each task that involves a period of adaptation for left-handed people.

Polanco explained that they are required more than normal and "it makes them have more strategies, which although useful may also be more stressful and, therefore, could limit the options for the development of other behaviors."

But in the case of brain injuries, for example, being left-handed can be a lifesaver.

The left-handed brain has the most distributed functions between the two hemispheres, since the use of the right is sometimes an essential requirement and, therefore, if an area of ​​the brain is damaged, the possibilities of substituting its functions in the other Hemisphere increases.

"Lefters have more resources to use unhealthy areas of the brain to compensate for certain altered functions caused by the injury," Polanco reaffirmed.

Thus, being left-handed can be considered as a mechanism of natural defense that in certain situations gives them some advantages over the right-handers.

And this sinisterity that characterizes the left-handed brain is not only present in humans, but in animals such as fish.

To avoid being taken from others, some fish swim in closed groups that move in mass very quickly. Most tend to go to the same side, pursued by the jaws of a predator, but a few, the left-handed, always go towards the other, thus increasing their chances of survival. EFE