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It is recognized that at least one in every ten human beings are left-handed, and the greatest number of tools and instruments are designed for skill.

In the case of technology, precisely in the use of the most used peripherals, left-handers also find obstacles. In the field of sports, the situation is very unfavorable. Unlike other sports, where left-lips occupy fixed places due to their predominance in the use of the left hand, in electronic sports the peripherals have not been developed for left-handed people. In spite of having a market that designs devices for this public, the implementation for players that do not handle the right is insufficient.
Nicolás Fischman, Argentine Youtuber from the "Suprapixel" channel | Source: YouTube

Nicolás Fischman is a well-known Argentine Youtuber in the region. Its reviews of smartphones and other technological devices have a large number of views. The most faithful followers know that Nicolás is left-handed, and this has caused him some problems in these years. Here we leave you with a testimonial about the inconveniences he finds when manipulating devices designed for skill. Among other things, Nicolás mentions that the phones "are designed to arrive comfortably with the right hand, but with the left requires a change in the amnerta to support the equipment. The same with the user interface."