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False myths about left-handed people


90% of people prefer to use the right hand, a proportion that has remained relatively stable throughout history. Therefore, the zipper has been the subject of countless myths. For example, it is said that the lefts tend to concentrate on the inner world itself, but there are no studies that correlate personality and laterality. In fact, a team of researchers from the University of Wellington in New Zealand found that they did not manifest significant differences in extraversion, openness to new experiences, responsibility, kindness and emotional instability.
Another myth is that left-handed people are more likely to suffer from immune system disorders, especially to thyroid and inflammatory bowel diseases. In 1994, Philip Bryden, an expert in the history of psychology, denied this theory after analyzing a total of 89 studies, in which more than 21,000 patients had participated.
The zipper is not a disease or a disorder and, therefore, should not be corrected. However, education, social pressure and other external factors may lead us to use more hand than the other, even if we are born left-handed. For example, in ancient times, Hippocrates already recommended this to surgeons: "Practice all kinds of operations, and perform them with each hand and also with both at the same time (because both are similar), since the objective is to achieve skill, Speed ​​and elegance without causing pain. "