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Happy Left Handers Day! Today, August 13, International Lefty Day is celebrated, a day promoted by Lefthanders International, with the purpose of raising awareness and minimizing the difficulties left-handed people have. Throughout life, left-handed people often encounter different inconveniences or obstacles that do not allow their full development; At the beginning of schooling there is a tendency to write, place paper and / or notebooks, cut with scissors, desks or furniture not adapted to left-handed people, due to lack of training, encouragement and care of teachers and schools on this area You can also distinguish certain objects designed only for right-handed people, such as: manual can openers, corkscrews, pencil sharpeners, rulers, scissors, photo cameras, fountain pens, class chairs or desks, cups, musical instruments, the mouse or mouse of computers, door latches, car levers, video game console controls, sports equipment (rackets, golf clubs, bicycles, irons, articles or equipment with cables on the right side, among others.)