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Left-handed, the normality


There are many myths and many truths about it. But what is really true is that left-handers were born in a world created by and for rights, and we had to adapt over time. That world has already been accepting, thanks to science, that being left-handed is a condition and not a "bad habit." Although children in schools in Asia and the Middle East are still being punished for using their left hand (sadly) Parents and teachers should know that: 1. We must ensure that each left-handed child has a special desk. (It's nothing from the other world, just the table upside down) 2. Being left-handed is a condition, with scientific explanation, not a "trick" 3. There are things that left-handed kids have a harder time, such as using scissors, pencil sharpener, the ruler, a can opener, among others. 4. Sometimes left-handed children dirty what they are writing, as we pass our hand over. 5. And so many other recommendations that you could provide ... #estoesloquehay #TeachingEstoEsLoQueHay #diaInternacionalDelZurdo #school #students #zurdos # left-handed children