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Paper Position
Probably the most helpful factor in improving writing is observing the position of the paper. The following guide will be useful for those who are learning or are interested in improving:

Place the paper in front of the student and on your left, move the paper a few centimeters away and then rotate it to the right so that the top of the paper forms an angle to the table (see figure 1). In this way, it will allow freer movement and more vertical writing (if it is very inclined it will not be very clear). This also allows the hand to write under the writing line, so that the text remains visible and the hand does not drag over the writing, which dirties the page and the hand.

For those left-handed people who have developed a technique in which the hand arches like a hook over the writing and for those who find it uncomfortable to switch to a posture where the hand goes below the writing (usually children over 8 years old), there are A "hook" method that is the best. The paper is placed as for a right hand, the doll should be on one side and not lying on the paper, it should move flexibly as you go writing. With this method, you should use a soft-tipped pencil (eg with ball point) or a left-handed fountain pen and thus avoid burying and damaging the paper (Figure 2).

Body Position when Writing with the Left Hand

The left-handed should:

- Sit with the light coming from your right side. If the light comes from the left it will cover and write in the shadow.
- Sitting in a chair a little taller than a right hand, this will allow you to look over your hand and give it and your arm more freedom of movement.
- Sit a little loaded to the right of the table or desk to give more space to your left arm.
- Prefer to sit on the left side of a right hand when writing, so your arms and papers will not collide in the center.
If you are uncomfortable, there may be a problem in the paper position. (See: Paper Position).