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Pencil Grip and Hand Position

Do you complain of aches and pains after a good while writing?

Do you have to stop frequently to rest your hand?

Does the way you hold the pencil restrict the movement of your hand and arm causing you to make a distorted letter?

Would you like to be able to write faster?

If any of this happens to you, you probably have to try different ways of holding the pencil in order to find the one that helps you improve your writing and performance. The purpose is to make your fingers, wrist and arm move freely. Left-handers tend to squeeze the pencil too hard if they are not holding it correctly and if they are not sitting properly.
The most traditional way of holding a pencil is called "tripod grip" (figure 3).
An alternative to hold the pencil is to place it between the middle finger and the index finger and rest it on the thumb, this method is effective, but more limiting in the movements (figure 4).

I hope it works for lefties who have denied and / or denied ... here is a test so they know how left-handed they are!

It is important to act from the beginning, so that the child does not adopt bad writing habits. and in turn do not get tired. - The quality of the spelling is one of the symptoms that most concern parents and teachers.
it is easy for the child to write from right to left that its natural form factors that influence writing
hands and arms position
Signature paper and with the right hand holding it by the right margin. the arm parallel to the folio.
from the table, leaving room to write with the right side.
- paper position. Place the paper in the left half of the body. Note that the left-hander writes toward the center, unlike the right-handed ones who write out. the folio inclined …… visibility of the writing.
- writing tools.
The pencil should be held 2 cm from the tip.
use adapters or triangular and non-slip body, avoid smooth surfaces that make left-handed people press harder and squeeze it tightly causing muscle aches and low mobility,
It is important that you learn to perform the letters well, first by standing and then joining them