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Signs to know if your child is right-handed or left-handed


Signs to know if your child is right-handed or left-handed Sometimes we see a baby take the spoon with his left hand... but then if you throw an object at him, he extends his right hand... Or children who write with their right hand, but then when they kick the ball, they use their leg left. How do I know if my child is left-handed or right-handed? Maybe he is he ambidextrous You already know that the brain is divided into two hemispheres: the right and the left. The right part of the brain (more linked to creativity) controls the movements of the left part of the body, while the left hemisphere (more linked to speech, numbers and logical reasoning) governs the movements of the right part of the body. If the right hemisphere of the brain is dominant, the child will tend to use the left side of the body, while if the left hemisphere is dominant, your child is likely to be right-handed. Most of the population is right-handed, and we already know that (only 10 percent are left-handed). We also know that, up to the age of 3, babies use both hands interchangeably. In other words, if one day he grabs the spoon with one hand and the next day he uses the other... it's not that he's ambidextrous... it's normal! But how to be sure if a child is left-handed or right-handed from the age of 3?