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Left-handedness is not a disease or a problem


Left-handedness is not a disease or a problem

Left-handed children also show a predilection for the left foot to take their first steps, to walk, ride a tricycle, kick a ball, jump rope, etc. As a general rule, being left-handed means having some degree of right-brain dominance. Years ago, a left-handed child was not seen normally. Left-handedness was thought to be a health problem. Nowadays, it is already known that left-handedness is not a disease.

It is just a characteristic of the child that cannot and should not be corrected. Normally it is at school that a child is found to be left-handed, because that is when he begins to use his hands more frequently.

Until the age of 3 or 4, children use both hands interchangeably. To check whether a child is left-handed or right-handed, you have to observe which hand, foot or eye he uses when: he kicks a ball, brushes his teeth, combs his hair, carries a glass, jumps rope, covers or uncovers a jar, looks through a kaleidoscope, write or take a photo. The eye, hand, or foot naturally chosen to perform the actions is usually the dominant one.