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The child is born right-handed or left-handed



A child is left-handed not because he decided so.

Experts confirm that a person is right-handed or left-handed from the moment he is born. Many parents wonder if there are techniques so that they can change their child's left hand domain to the right, as if it were a decision of the boy or the girl.

The domain of the hand, whether right or left, is determined by the brain. The right side controls the left hand and the left the right hand. For this reason, a left-handed child cannot be forced to write with his right hand. There is no training that will make it change. No matter how many efforts are made, the child will continue to tend to use his left hand to carry out actions since this is part of his nature and not a habit or custom that he has acquired.

If a child is forced to use the weaker, less skilled hand in performing tasks, the results can be frustrating for the child. He will tire you out for no reason and make you more clumsy. Changing the child's lateral preferences brings disadvantages such as difficulties in distinguishing right from left, writing disorders, dyslexia and even stuttering.

The main concern with left-handedness is children's adaptability to a world made mostly for right-handers. .