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Tanglewood TW28CLNLH Evolution left-handed guitar

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 Tanglewood TW28CLN LH left-handed acoustic guitar from the Evolution series.
The foundation of the Evolution IV series, the Tanglewood TW28CLN LH takes a traditional dreadnought format that luthier magic creates a full sound, perfect to start your journey to its unique sound.
Michael Sanden, the Scandinavian guitar guru, has designed a guitar that decided from the start to be affordable, competent, stylish, and equipped with a sound that would age and mature over time.
Canadian red cedar has been selected for the top of these instruments, and mahogany wood, with a smooth natural satin finish, for the back and sides.
North American maple is introduced at the joint or trim, exclusive to all the exterior parts of the neck as well, giving a nice luxurious aesthetic to the overall finish.
Strumming an open chord reveals a punchy, confident, and precise tone, and a balance of response or string compensation that many professional instruments lack, in large part due to the unique design Michael employed for the guitar.
The Sanden Tapered Parallel Lashing System is featured on this instrument and is an important reason behind the "wow factor" a musician feels when trying out an Evolution IV model.
• FORMAT: Left-handed Dreadnought
• TOP: Cedar
• BACK: Mahogany
• SIDES: Mahogany
• MAST: Mahogany
• FREEDOM: Rosewood
• BRIDGE: Rosewood
• NUT SEAL: NuBone, offset 43 mm
• BRIDGE PINS: black and white ABS
• PINS: Chrome, Small Buttons
• FINISH: Natural Satin
• EQ: No
• STRINGS: D’Addario EXP11, 12-53