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 • to peel citrus fruits
• very sharp blades
• with scouring knife|
Peel, cut and decorate With the orange peeler from the reliable "Gentle" range of kitchen tools you can peel oranges, tangerines and the like in no time at all. You can also tastefully decorate your citrus fruit with the blade, making it particularly suitable for buffets. Reliable kitchen helpers from the "Gentle" series - Made in Germany With their simple and timeless black design, the practical utensils from the "Gentle" series fit into any kitchen. The series includes accessories such as sauce spoon, soup ladle or spaghetti spoon, and many practical kitchen utensils such as peeler, apple slicer, cheese slicer and much more. Properties
• dishwasher safe
• Made in Germany
• 5 year guarantee Material PP; stainless steel;
Dimensions 190 x 27 x 20mm