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 This knife has two great advantages thanks to its design:

- The thickness of the slice can be adjusted, making the most of the piece.

- Offers safety, avoiding serious accidents, thanks to its protective bar.

Our intention, when creating this slicing knife, was never to resemble the professional ham cutters, who usually show us their skill, ease and art in the exercise of this task, but to give us the possibility to those who are not great experts or teachers, to be able to cut more safely and control the thickness of the slices to take advantage of the piece from start to finish.

1-A protective bar made of 304 stainless steel located above the cutting edge, which prevents serious accidents and also allows the thickness of the slices to be controlled.

2 -Two "staples" made of plastic suitable for food use. These pieces hold the bar at its two ends, making the perfect union between the blade and the regulator protector, and it also houses the rest of the pieces necessary for regulation.

3 -Two "regulating" screws made of 304 stainless steel, located in the clips, which allow the thickness of the slices to be adjusted with a simple twist.

4 -Two nuts made of 304 stainless steel, located on the staples, which provide maximum strength and durability to the regulators. FUNCTIONING Before using the Slicer, you have to have your ham or shoulder, held in a support and clean of rinds and hardness, for which you should use another knife. Then turn the adjusters clockwise to increase the thickness of the cut. Place the knife on top of the ham, and the other hand behind the knife and make a gentle, loosely sawing motion. For a thinner slice, you can either apply less pressure while cutting or turn the adjusters to the left and the bar will move closer to the edge.