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BFL BREAD 23 cm.

Num Product: CO-055


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The left-handed bread knife BFL is suitable for cutting all types of bread and pastries. Thanks to the strong undulating edge, the hard-shell breads are sliced effortlessly and evenly. Everest's BFL line special for left-handed, stands out its ergonomic design and great robustness. Of the handle we emphasize its solidity and novel design to provide comfort and firm the hand during the cut.


  •   22 cm. stainless steel.
  •   Ergonomic handle designed.
  •   Hand protection (head).
  •   Made in one piece.
  •   High resistance to detergents and aging.
  •   Serrated edge located to the right, special for cutting with the left hand.
  •   Suitable for dishwashers.