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Left-handed electrified acoustic guitar

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Tanglewood DBT SFCEBWLHZurda left hand electrified acoustic guitar, perfect for students and amateurs who require a quality musical instrument and sound forcefully on stage.
A pre-equalizer with built-in tuner Tanglewood TEQ-3BT is installed.
12mm padded case included as a gift.
Tanglewood DBTSFCEBWLH Orchestra Folk, Left-handed acoustic guitar.
This model is particularly left-handed and belongs to the Discovery range, built in an orchestra format with a spruce top and ebony wood back and sides. In addition to being an acoustic guitar with a great sound, it has an authentically genuine and particular Tanglewood design with a piping inlaid in selected maple wood that makes it aesthetically beautiful.
• FORMAT: Super Folk left-handed version
• TOP: Selected spruce wood
• BACKGROUND: Black walnut
• RINGS: Black walnut
• MAST: Mahogany
• TRIMS: trimmed in genuine maple wood
• SEAL NUT: ABS Ivory white, 43 mm
• CLOVIJERO: Chrome Die Cast
• SCALE LENGTH: 650 mm
• FINISH: Natural satin with open pore
• EQ: Tanglewood TEQ-3BT
• FINISH: Natural satin