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Sharp teeth on three faces. Teeth hardened by electrical impulses. Conical teeth. Quick Change: Saw with quick change system of the blade without tools.

- Leaf: Japanese SK-5 steel blade, with double heat treatment: integral tempering on the blade and extra hard tempering on the teeth: higher performance, better maintenance of the edge and easier cutting. Lacquering the sheet improves corrosion resistance.

- Tooth geometry: Sharp teeth on three faces, which provides a smoother attack, ease, cleanliness and cutting precision. The taper of the teeth improves the evacuation of the particles, preventing the blade from getting dirty and sticking. Avoid jerking your arms.

- Longevity of the edge: The point of the teeth hardened by electrical impulses, increases the longevity of the edge of the saw. - Traction cut: The pull cutting technique reduces stress and prevents blade twisting. - Ergonomics: Ergonomic bi-material, polypropylene and elastomer handle that allows maximum adaptation to the hand and prevents slipping during use.

- Saw holder cover included: It includes a nylon sheath reinforced with fiberglass, provided with a loop that allows the saw to be carried on the belt. Adapted for left and right handed users.

- Applications: For the pruning of woody plants: olive, fruit, citrus and vine. Optimized for cutting green wood. Curved leaves: pruning in height / straight leaves pruning at the user's height.

- Always keep your saw clean of sap and dirt, to avoid possible malfunction and premature wear. For your safety wear protective glasses. Keep the saw out of the reach of children.