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SwissClassic Serrated Folding Paring Knife

Num Product: CO-085


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The orange Victorinox SwissClassic Serrated Folding Paring Knife is a handy knife for outdoor enthusiasts who want a good paring knife nearby. Specifically, this knife can be bent. Compared to the other vegetable knives in the SwissClassic collection, which are all fixed knives. This knife is enhanced with a linerlock that locks the blade when it is opened and closed. Therefore, you can safely transport this knife and store it in your backpack, picnic basket or even in your pocket. Victorinox Swiss Classic Handle The handles are made of polyamide. This material is light and provides you with enough grip. Thanks to the slight curvature of the handle, the knives also sit very well in the hand. Victorinox SwissClassic Blade The serrated blade is made of stainless steel and is sharp on delivery. The combination of this type of steel and the material used for the handle make this knife dishwasher safe. Victorinox SwissClassic With its SwissClassic collection, Victorinox offers a wide range of essential kitchen knives for any occasion. There are, for example, Victorinox paring knives, peelers, vegetable knives and pizza and meat knives in different sizes and colours. Of course, they are all dishwasher safe and offer the value for money that Victorinox has accustomed us to.