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Store for lefties
  • Chinese Plate Jim

    Be composed of plate and stick to play the popular Chinese plate game. The set consists of a plate and a ...
    12,95 €

  • Low stilt

    Low stilts. For children of all ages. Resistant and non-deformable, fun and educational. They are ...
    14,50 €

  • 3 Juggling Rings

    3 Juggling Rings Juggling game from the youngest to the adults, have fun as a family with our most ...
    9,95 €

  • High stilts

    For children of all ages.Resistant and non-deformable, fun and educational.They are perfect for the ...
    18,00 €

  • Manual dexterity suitcase

    Manual dexterity suitcaseSuitcase that contains everything necessary for children and adults to develop ...
    96,40 €

  • Postural exercises

    Postural exercisesThe possible activities that can be done with this set will help children to:- The ...
    47,90 €


    The Abacus is the first calculator.The balls of our abacus follow a color criterion to facilitate the ...
    56,40 €