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Store for lefties

    We complete the BFL line with this fabulous cheese knife, sausage, etc ... Sheet of 12 cm. Suitable for ...
    12,25 €

  • BFL Tomato Knife

    Fantastic knife from the BFL range. 12 centimeters to peel tomatoes and everything you can imagine. Steel ...
    12,25 €


    Gorgeous left-handed knife, sharp on the right side, perfect for carving all kinds of meats. Serrated saw ...
    9,95 €

  • BFL KITCHEN 12 cm. saw blade

    Magnificent knife for left-handed, sharpened to the right side to peel and chop, light and practical. ...
    9,95 €

  • BFL KIT nº 3

    The kitchen without complexes. 3 BFL knives, which complete the elaboration of new dishes ...
    29,50 €

  • BFL KITCHEN 20 cm.

    The chef's knife of 20 cm. of leaf, an indispensable in any kitchen. It is one of the most used knives ...
    29,95 €

  • BFL BREAD 23 cm.

    The left-handed bread knife BFL is suitable for cutting all types of bread and pastries. Thanks to the ...
    24,95 €

  • BFL KITCHEN 23 cm.

    Long blade, thin and flexible, with smooth edge. File meat and fish, and get a clean cut. The edge is to ...
    24,95 €

  • for lefties PULLTEX

    Corkscrew for Left Handed Black • Inverted spiral for left-handed people. • Cutting positioner ...
    12,00 €

  • Corkscrew Lefty XL

    Corkscrews for left-handed people. Traditional design with beech wood handle. This corkscrew is simple ...
    5,25 €

  • Professional double pouring pan 16

    The stainless steel saucepan from the Professional collection is ideal for cooking like a chef.Triple ...
    32,50 €

  • Professional double pouring pan 14

    The stainless steel saucepan from the Professional collection is ideal for cooking like a chef.Triple ...
    27,50 €


    The scale on the inside is visible when held in the left hand.This left-handed measuring cup has a total ...
    18,20 €

  • WMF Profi Plus Ball

    WMF Profi Plus Ball Tip Whisk, Polished Stainless Steel, 27 cm
    19,00 €


    Epicurean series utensils are everyday utensils. Lightweight but durable, Perfect for making delicious ...
    29,00 €

  • Wooden spatula LEFT HANDED

    Flat wooden spatula, Thanks to its curvature (designed especially for the left hand) and measures 30 cm, ...
    4,95 €

  • Citrus and vegetable decorator for left-handed

    Citrus and vegetable decorator for left-handed5 cm sheet (left-handed)Polypro handleMechanical press ...
    12,00 €


    Deluxe corer to zest lemons, oranges, grapefruit, to decorate cocktails, drinks and dishes.Cut the ...
    9,50 €


    A peeler, make your experience in the kitchen very pleasant.Everything you need to prepare your dishes ...
    22,50 €


    This skillful trio will help you advance in the kitchen at full speed.Thanks to its two peeling knives ...
    22,50 €

  • Curved cutlery

    Curved cutlery Lot of 3 silverware for righties: a knife + a fork + a spoon. Thanks to their curvilinear ...
    39,00 €

  • SwissClassic Serrated Folding Paring Knife

    The orange Victorinox SwissClassic Serrated Folding Paring Knife is a handy knife for outdoor enthusiasts ...
    18,35 €

  • Fish duo for lefties.

    Fish duo for lefties. The blade designed to be used with the left hand, since the blade is in the correct ...
    10,50 €

  • Left-handed FISH SHOVEL 3 units

    3 pales de peix esquerrans, es lliuren en una funda de coberts platica per a transport.
    13,95 €


    Food is an important moment that should be pleasant.Our 3D spoon is a help for those people who have a ...
    39,50 €

  • Deba Knife 21 cm. (Model Tokyo) Lefties

    The Deba knife for left-handed, sharpened on one side is solid and stable, broad-leafed and strong. The ...
    65,45 €


    This knife has two great advantages thanks to its design:- The thickness of the slice can be adjusted, ...
    45,00 €

  • Duo NOGENT for left handed

    The perfect union, can opener and peeler Nogent together!Presented in a beautiful box, plus you can save ...
    14,50 €

  • Peelers WESTMARK

    Everything you need to peel, you already have it easy, with these two peelers one smooth and the other ...
    14,95 €


    Left-handed can opener. Opener with butterfly system, made of steel with plastic coated handles for a ...
    14,90 €

  • Tin opener for left handers, Nogent

    Left-handed opener MINI-KIMMade of steel with silicone handles covered with a more comfortable grip.Leaf ...
    8,95 €

  • Explorer Can Opener

    A classic and a basic at home, and left-handed Explorer Can Opener.
    3,75 €

  • Tin opener SIEGER for left handers

    Left-handed opener. Canopy with butterfly system, made of steel with plastic coated handles for ...
    14,90 €


    Left - handed peeler. With oscillating swing that fits comfortably for optimal cutting. Stainless steel ...
    7,95 €

  • Peeler left handers Nogent

    Nogent left-handed peeler. This left-handed peeler has a stainless steel blade.It is designed for ...
    7,75 €