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We created UNIVERSO ZURDO in 2007, an original company that offers a wide range of products for left-handers, functional and beautiful objects designed in Spain and Europe with the aim of achieving a friendlier and easier life for left-handed people.

At UNIVERSO LEFT-HANDED we know that most tools in the world have been designed for right-handed people, and left-handed people sometimes have no choice but to accept the inconvenience.

Through our own experiences as left-handers, we have developed a clear vision of fostering truly functional and left-handed-friendly tools. With this aspiration as our rudder, we launch LEFT-HANDED UNIVERSE into this world that is unquestionably in favor of right-handed people.

We imagine all the left-handed people around the world living their lives happily without any inconvenience due to their left-handedness.

LEFT-HANDED UNIVERSE we offer easy-to-use, everyday products, such as stationery, kitchen utensils and other tools, that can be used left-handed or with either hand.


• Quality: it is part of our philosophy, we like things well made, usefulness, simplicity and effectiveness

• Passion: Being committed with the heart and mind, we believe in what we do and in the social grace of our work.

• Flexibility: we believe that innovation is the sum of training, observation and creativity.

• Responsibility: ethical, social and environmental.

• Learning: Due to the nature of this company's content, anything that has to do with left-handedness, we read, learn, and sometimes discard.


The UNIVERSO ZURDO team is made up of people, like-minded, friends and independent of each other, most of them left-handed, and all of them, experts and zealous in their mission.

THE TESTORS. All left-handed. A very disparate team; different ages, different jobs and training, and from different social backgrounds. Before posting a product on the web, we test and examine it, check its real left-handed usefulness, and verify its effectiveness.

QUALITY They check the safety and reliability of the products' materials, ensuring that the quality/price ratio is as close as possible.

COMMUNICATION They compare the information that reaches us, analyze it and disseminate it.

SHOPPING We search for left-handed items all over the planet, without borders or barriers.

PEDAGOGY They study left-handed ergonomics, evaluate school products, in addition to recommending new ones, they are the guardians of left-handed comfort.

DESIGN They create ideal products, they design the left-handed identity.

LOGISTICS On-site verification of the order and its monitoring until receipt by the client.