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Store for lefties
  • Explorer Can Opener

    A classic and a basic at home, and left-handed Explorer Can Opener.
    3,75 €

  • DUO NOGENT for left handed

    The perfect union, can opener and peeler Nogent together!Presented in a beautiful box, plus you can save ...
    12,50 €

  • Tin opener SIEGER for left handers

    Left-handed opener. Canopy with butterfly system, made of steel with plastic coated handles for ...
    14,90 €

  • Left-handed opener

    Opener for left-handed people.Opener with butterfly system, made of steel with plastic coated handles for ...
    14,90 €

  • Peeler WESTMARK

    Everything you need to peel, you already have it easy, with these two peelers one smooth and the other ...
    14,95 €


    Left-handed openerCan tin opener with butterfly system, made ​​of steel with plastic coated handles ...
    14,95 €

  • Tin opener for left handers, Nogent

    Left-handed opener MINI-KIMMade of steel with silicone handles covered with a more comfortable grip.Leaf ...
    6,75 €

  • Peeler left handers Nogent

    Nogent left-handed peeler. This left-handed peeler has a stainless steel blade.It is designed for ...
    6,75 €

  • Tomatoes peeler WESTMARK

    TOMATOES PEELER. •Special ambidextrous Peeler for tomatoes and fruit with thin skin.• Thanks to ...
    9,90 €


    Left - handed peeler. With oscillating swing that fits comfortably for optimal cutting. Stainless steel ...
    6,95 €