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Store for lefties
  • Cane for left-handers

    Cane for lefties.Handle is designed to fit comfortably in the left hand, made ​​of a material ...
    19,90 €

  • Black folding cane 84-94

    Black folding stick l 84-94Left hand cane. Wide grip. Folding cane. Wide support of the palm of the ...
    28,00 €

  • Black folding cane 74-84

    Folding cane black l 74-84Left hand cane. BLUE Wide grip. Folding cane. Wide support of the ...
    28,00 €

  • Aluminum cane left-handed cane

    Walking stick with wide grip for broad palm support.Adjustable aluminum shank from 76.2 to 99.1 cm.19 mm ...
    19,75 €

  • Crank keychain

    Provides a good grip when turning the key and a larger lever arm so the effort to turn is less.Suitable ...
    9,95 €