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Store for lefties

    KIT LEFTY GARDENERThis spring gardening equipment will not have secrets in your garden, consisting of ...
    48,00 €

  • Razor sharp small for left handed

    This razor sharp small hoe is just 30 cm long with a 12 cm sized cutting head.It’s made from ...
    22,50 €

  • Professional GRAFTING KNIFE

    Fabulous knife to graft.10.50 cm closed, and 16 cm open.Italian manufacture.
    19,00 €

  • Sharp teeth on three faces. Teeth hardened by electrical impulses. Conical teeth. Quick Change: Saw with ...
    34,25 €

  • Scissor of fruit left- handed, oranges to collec

    Special grassy lefties, pliers to grab orange and fruit without damaging the fruit or the tree.- ...
    35,00 €

  • Left-handed sickle

    Left-handed sickle.Classical sickle, with mango wood and steel hoja de.Because of its temperate proceso ...
    8,95 €

  • STAFOR pruner

    Pruning for lefties, use in garden. Soft rubber handle, very comfortable and ergonomic.
    37,00 €

  • Clean hooves for lefthanders

    Clean hooves left-handed, brand Victorinox.Tool to clean the frog and sole of the hoof.This model is ...
    26,50 €