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Por qué hay más diestros que zurdos?


The vast majority of people tend to use their right hand to carry out their activities. It is rare to come across a left-handed man, and if we do, we look at him with wonder and amazement. One study indicates that 85% choose the right one.

In fact, "there has never been any study that indicates that left-leaning individuals predominate," says archaeologist Natalie Uomini, of the University of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, in statements that the BBC collects.

This preference for the right hand has its origin in the brain. Some tasks are governed by the left hemisphere of the brain, while others govern the right. And curiously, by a cross of nerves, the left side of the brain has more control over the right part of the body and vice versa. This means that it is the left hemisphere of the brain which helps control the operations of the right hand, leg, eye.
Some scientists argue that this neurological division of activities has been an animal feature for 500,000 years. The left side of the brain, for example, would have evolved to develop routine operations, such as finding food. Meanwhile, the law would have remained free to react immediately to unexpected challenges, such as the appearance of a predator.

According to a study by scientist Stephanie Braccini and published in the Journal of Human Evolution, he argues that strengthening individual asymmetry should have started as soon as the first hominids assumed a regular upright position. "
To reach this conclusion, Braccini and his team examined laterality in the chimpanzees, and found that when monkeys remained on four legs they did not tend to use one hand more than the other. It was when they were forced to stand up when preference for one or the other emerged.

However, they saw that they had the same chances of being right-handed as left-handed. Therefore, it is obvious that something else was needed to reach the widespread use of the right hand of today.

A hypothesis known as Homo loquen points out that lateralization in general was driven by evolution towards an erect biped posture, while preference on the right was driven a little later by the evolution of language. So being right-handed or left-handed could simply be an accidental result of the way in which our brains are connected.
According to a study published in the Psychological Bulletin of 1977, "there is little evidence to associate left-handed people with a deficiency, as has been suggested frequently."

In fact, some researchers say that left-handed people can even recover more quickly from brain damage. In addition, the use of the left hand can always be surprising in a fight and the left-handed have that advantage. So they can be better in contact sports.