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4 Wimbledon


4 Lefties at Wimbledon
Left-handed player twilight?
However, that left-handed domain is no longer noticeable. It could just be a quiet period before they dominate again. Or that right-handed players have been closing the gap with better preparation before games.
The players have definitely improved a lot in answering with a setback that is not defensive but offensive.
Elite players and their coaching teams have video and statistics that they can apply to programs and analyze every detail of a rival game.
But putting that knowledge into practice is something else.
"When a right-hander faces a left-hander, he can't just play on autopilot. It requires a range of tricks of the trade and a lot of practice to adapt his strategy," Rusedski concludes.
This year at Wimbledon, however, the outlook does not look very promising for the left-handers to return to the podium of champions.
On the one hand, Rafael Nadal is not competing and the lefties left in the tournament still have a long way to go to reach their potential.
It will be very difficult for one of them to win in 2016.