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Left-handed children in a right-handed world



Some studies claim that genetics is one of the causes of left-handedness.

A child with a left-handed parent has about a 10% chance of being left-handed as well. In the event that the mother is left-handed, this probability increases to 20 percent. And if both mother and father are left-handed, the child may be 50 percent left-handed.

However, there are other factors that also explain why a child is born left-handed. There is research linking a high level of testosterone (male hormone) present in the mother's uterus before the baby is born. Others reveal that injuries to a baby's brain hemisphere, during pregnancy or in the first two months of life, can cause one of them to develop further.

If it is the left hemisphere that is injured, left-handedness will probably develop. Another cause can occur during ultrasound scans and ultrasounds, in pregnancies, because they can affect the brain of the fetus, causing it to develop a