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Store for lefties
  • Playing Cards left-handers Poker

    Deck of poker just for lefties, the prestigious brand Bicycle. Its design enables left-handed people ...
    16,00 €


    This is ideal for carrying cards card games that require the use of a lot of cards.Having 4 different ...
    12,00 €

  • Poker Vision Playing Cards

    Specific for left-handers, the cards have four index. Plastic playing cards, Casino quality.
    9,00 €

  • Playing cards for left-handers

    Playing cards for left-handers, play spanish.
    4,95 €

  • Play cards bridge

    Play cards bridge. As the poker cards, but slightly smaller, as in traditionally Bridge is a game of ...
    6,00 €

  • SKAT

    The SKAT is a popular German card game. Chosen because the deck has four indices with the lefties and ...
    6,00 €