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  • An endless debate, are more creative than right-handed left-handed?


    An endless debate, are more creative than right-handed left-handed?The development of the right hemisphere, an area that handles language, mathematics and reasoning, can influence the ...
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  • Benefits play paddle tennis with a couple HANDED


    Benefits play paddle tennis with a couple HANDEDWe explain What are the advantages of playing with a fellow lefty Padel. If you are right handed and your couple is HANDED you will benefit of ...
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  • Se dice, se comenta


    Antes del 'bendgate', aquello de que los iPhone 6 y iPhone 6 Plus tenían cierta facilidad para acabar doblados, Apple tuvo otros problemas de diseño que afectaban directamente ...
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  • Not fight a lefty


    What throws you more? Does the left or right ?. Today we talk about the concept. on left and right: the natural preference that people have to use either side of our body.And why today and ...
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  • New school


    As every September, after the summer, it is time to prepare the vulta to school, work and routine.Since lefty universe, as every year, we thought of to make things easier, with all the ...
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  • Ecos


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  • August 13: International Day Lefty


    A summer, we celebrate the International Day of lefties. In the meridian of August, the 13th, between family and friends, resting or working; remember our environment that we are here, we ...
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  • El misterio del zurdo


    They say that part of the genius of this world has been created by a lefty. Musicians, writers and (anti) war heroes maneuvered his exploits with his left hand.In boxing Muhammad Ali (when ...
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  • Left-handed mouse


    Left-handed mouseMice for PC speed and give us a great help to not use keys.If your dominant hand is left-handed, you have a problem with the position commands.The left-handed mouse is ...
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  • Educando niños zurdos en un mundo hecho para diestros


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