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  • Remarques à marquer


    The University of Wisconsin Extension suggests you to stand in front of your child when you explain how to do certain tasks, such as zipping your jacket or tie your shoes. He can see and ...
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  • Left-handers are more creative


    Joan of Arc, Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert DeNiro, Whoopie Goldberg, Charlie Chaplin, Ringo Starr, Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney: These people have one thing in common: all are left-handed, ...
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    Today, we find many kinds of pens.Decide which is best suited for single / or complex, from lefty universe will facilitarmos the task of choosing a simple pattern, with them making the ...
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  • Can we have a beautiful letter lefties?


    This is the question that usually makes me a lefty / wanting to enroll in my courses.They have assumed that writing with the left hand sets have a nasty letter.And it is not like that.What ...
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  • August 13: International Day for Lefty


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  • August 13: International Day for Lefty


    The August 13, held the "International Day Lefty". There are two versions of why this event. On the one hand he says that one day the International Organization for Lefty was founded in ...
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  • Technology for left, is there?


    Have you wondered if really all the technologies that have come to light are used for both right and left-handed? The answer may surprise you: The vast majority have been uniquely designed ...
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    Although most of the population is right-handed (it is handled with the right hand) every day more lefties, ie functions that all do with the right hand they bring them to the left, ...
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  • Basic Information HANDED 2


    START WRITINGPrior to the act of writing itself, a number of plots, very important, which should work both family and school. The most important is to get a good psychomotor development, ...
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  • Basic Information HANDED 1


    The writing, though it is made with hands, is regulated by the brain, being able to locate the areas that govern in either hemisphere in which it is divided. Most people write with his right ...
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